Tips and suggestions for taking care of your Flor Maison Terrarium: looking after your Terrarium and making sure it stays healthy.

Which environments are best suited to the Terrarium?

You can keep a Flor Maison Terrarium wherever you live or work: by the sea, right in the middle of the city, in a shopping centre or in a small shop out of town. If the place where you live or work has a dry climate (seaside location, closed rooms with forced ventilation), the moisture inside the Terrarium will tend to drop, so you will need to spray the plants with distilled water every 10 – 15 days.

f you live or work in an area where the climate is humid (very old buildings, spa centres, etc.), the level of moisture inside the Terrarium will probably be too high. To overcome this problem, follow the instructions on this page under the heading Moisture.

Which is the best place in the house to keep the Terrarium?

The Terrarium may suffer from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight: glass amplifies the heat of the sun’s rays and the environment inside the jar may become too hot, damaging the plants. Keep the Terrarium away from direct sunlight.

It is important to protect the Terrarium from draughts, air currents and changes in temperature: these are all phenomena that could compromise the ecosystem that develops inside the Terrarium.

Can I keep the Terrarium in a room without windows?

Although the Terrarium needs to be protected from direct sunlight, it also needs light to allow vital plant processes to take place inside it. It is best to place it in a reasonably bright room, not too close to the windows.