We’re a young couple, always in love with the Langhe and the environment.

After a long experience in nurseries, we decided to bet on a different way of living the green: the Terrarium, miniature landscapes.

Ours is an ambitious project: to create small plant worlds to be hosted in your own everyday spaces, green corners that represent self-sufficient micro ecosystems, where the life cycle is accomplished thanks to very little care.

We love plants: they make the environment beautiful, and they are capable, on their own, of changing the atmosphere. Not furnishings, but elements that can improve the quality and perception of spaces. Flor Maison Terrariums are miniature landscapes: compositions of plants, soils, stones… worlds that breathe!

Our idea is to show through the Terrarium the unique characteristics of the environment that surrounds us. Take in the places you live or work a small piece of furniture that represents the beauty of nature, and shows you everyday the magic of plants life cycle.

What is a miniature landscape?

Terrariums are fascinating worlds: ours combine plants with mineral elements, bark, pebbles, mosses, with the aim of creating miniature landscapes. The Flor Maison Terrariums are just that: worlds designed through the careful selection of plants, soil types, pebbles and mosses. Our collections pay homage to the land in which we grew up and live: the Langhe.

The beauty of Terrariums is that they can allow you to travel with your imagination: all you need to do is take a glance at the landscape they protect inside. In fact, this is precisely the idea that determined its creation. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, inventor of the Wardian Case (an ancient type of Terrarium) deeply believed in the potential of its glass creations: they were a way to allow many to see the beauty of exotic plants, which arrived in Europe protected and healthy within one of his inventions.

Today distances no longer represent an obstacle like they did in the early Nineteenth Century. Having a Flor Maison Terrarium in the house, in your shop or in the office gives you the chance to grow a little ecosystem directly within your spaces. It’s something that furnish and make places better.s

Terrariums are miniature landscapes to be explored with a gaze, always changing, alive and dynamic. They are a journey into the greenery whenever you wish: just look at it and get lost for a moment in the harmony of colors and shapes of your Flor Maison Terrarium!