Looking for a solution to furnish your shop with style?

Flor Maison’s terrariums and glass gardens are the stylish choice to lend personality to your showroom and embellish it with an unconventional furnishing item.

Nowadays a shop is more than just a point of sale, increasingly conceived to communicate, transmit values and arouse emotions: the overall shopping experience matters almost as much as the product, which is why a meticulously designed setting, cared for meticulously, is key to the promotion of your business.

Flor Maison’s living landscapes are original and unusual furnishing elements, every bit as beautiful as works of art, designed to bring a little piece of nature to every space, dressing it with character.
Our indoor gardens are all handmade in our workshop and can be tailored according to your preferences. More than mere decorative objects, they are constantly evolving microcosms in which the skilful combination of plant species and design lines communicates harmony, order and essential style.

They also have the advantage of requiring little care. You don’t have to have green fingers to keep your Terrarium alive and beautiful: it’s the delicate balance of light, temperature and moisture that creates the magic of this miniature ecosystem.