Is it necessary to prune the plants in the Terrarium? Some plants can grow tall and reach the opening of the jar, while succulents can spread out and occupy a large amount of soil. Here is what to do.

When should I prune the plants in the Terrarium?

If the room conditions are suitable (temperature and b within the suggested parameters) and if the Terrarium receives enough natural light, plants in EDEN jars will develop leaves and branches that will touch the glass. Only at this point should you intervene by cutting the branches and leaves.

Do succulents have to be pruned?

DESERT Terrariums do not need pruning. If the succulents grow to a considerable size, you can obtain new seedlings using two techniques: leaf cutting or splitting the plants.

Propagation of succulents by leaf cuttings

Gently detaches a fleshy leaf from the plant, which has grown sufficiently large size. Place the leaf in a shallow jar, on a layer of sand and soil (a polystyrene tray will do). Keep it in a bright, warm place, away from direct sunlight; the new plant will root within a couple of weeks and be ready for transferral to a pot… or a new Terrarium!

Propagation of succulents by splitting them

Not all succulents have fleshy leaves, but individual bases which develop around a central stem. If the bases multiply and grow, you could create new plants by splitting the bases. Proceed as follows: gently pull the plant out of the ground, remove the bases that you want to use to create new plants and transfer them into pots, taking care not to damage the roots.

How do I prune the plants in the Terrarium?

Use telescopic tools suitable for jars to prune your Terrarium plants. These are scissors, rakes and trowels with long handles, which allow you to easily reach inside the jar.