Bring a little bit of nature into your home with Flor Maison’s Glass range of terrariums and decorative plant compositions.

Recreate the magic of a garden in your home with our glass container landscapes, in complete compatibility with the spaces and needs of the modern world.

A stylish choice to regain contact with nature and establish a relationship with a living ecosystem, surrounded by the beneficial effect of plants.
The transparency of glass and the clean lines that characterise our unique minimalist pieces are designed to enhance contemporary interiors and brighten up even the most traditional contexts with personality.

Thanks to constant research into materials and Flor Maison’s extensive experience in the selection and care of plants and flowers, you can choose from a wide range of indoor gardens. They are all created by hand and are the result of the skilful assembly of plant and mineral elements with different characteristics, which live together in harmony, offering you moments of relaxation and well-being.

Our plant landscapes can be completely customised, choosing from a variety of containers and compositions, to perfectly adapt to every space and every need. You can choose between the Desert range, which requires little care and is ideal for those who don’t have much time, or let yourself be inspired by lush tropical landscapes, the silent breath of a miniature forest or the sculptural perfection of bonsai in the Eden range.

With Flor Maison you can bring a breath of fresh air and serenity into the frenzy of urban life with objects that are beautiful to look at, inspiring and meticulously crafted in every detail: furnishing items created to inspire emotion.